Weka Travel | Auckland

Born from a passion for European lifestyle, culture and history, WekaTravel is the brainchild of Kiwi entrepreneur Josh Loughnan. Originally travelling to play rugby in Italy on contract, Josh feeling in love with the country and its people.

This passion manifested into WekaTravel, named after the New Zealand bird noted for its resourcefulness and tenacity.

The re-brand was designed to place Weka front and centre with clients, travel agents and suppliers. As a boutique travel organisers and guide Weka wanted to acknowledge its history as well as connect with travellers worldwide.

Rich and colourful, like their experiences, Weka brand story delivers its promise of ‘living a like a local.’ Emotive content and beautiful scenery transport you to another world and place and opens the doorway to new people, experiences and memories.

This project included strategy, content creation, business collateral, promotional and sales material, customer interface and client documentation, websites, trade displays, and signage.