Family Entertainment | Matamata

Working alongside the key stakeholders in this startup company Tribal was able to fashion the brand identity and its collateral from the ground up. Approaching the project from a fun, family perspective allowed for a more open visual framework, the emotive pictures, strong colour graphics and room staging set the scene for a memorable experience.

Tribal worked with game designers, builders, electricians and signwriters to bring the clients vision to life. Focusing on three staged escape games as well as exterior and interior signage from the individual game logos, interior features and window dressing and all the in-game collateral.

Working with the theme of a mase, the building and reception zone were designed to represent an energetic and colourful introduction to the experience.

The total design package ranged from a Western Saloon with secret doors to a Passenger Aircraft cockpit and interior as well as a Seaside Bach with beachfront views.

The project consisted of large murals, Interior features like wallpaper, false windows and a detailed aircraft cockpit with window screens and controls down to customised labels for bottles on the saloon shelves.