Wireless Switching Solutions | New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom

With the current business environment having to reinvent itself for a digital age, GEM saw the need to evolve with the times.

Having commissioned a new website, strategically the time was right to rebrand and relaunch not just the company but the entire product offering. Working across multiple provides Tribal has navigated the development of a slick new visual identity as well as building a targeted approach to the brand story and sales messaging.

With a logo that was already well established, Tribal saw no need to reinvent the wheel and piggybacked off the original design by upscaling the design and creating bespoke wordmark and symbol that could be trademarked in the future.

Complimenting this was the attention paid to the emerging markets and how GEM would translate across while not losing its key messaging.

Work hand in hand with the Sales and Marketing Manager, Tribal was able to identify key messages, points of difference and benefits, as well as a breakdown of each market sector and the unique approach required to convey the brand, its value and the products, devise application potential.