NGO Social Services | Wairoa Hawkes Bay

A chance encounter and a conversation lead to the rebranding of one of New Zealand’s leading NGO’s, or Non-Governmental Organisation.

Based in Hawkes Bay between Napier and Gisborne, Wairoa is a predominantly Maori community with a strong connection to the land and whakapapa of the region.

It was deemed vital that the graphic imagery should reflect a strong ethnic flavour while conveying a modern, professional and contemporary that placed it at the forefront of NGO’s throughout New Zealand.

Key to the rebrand was the need to position Enabled as the forward-thinking, sustainable and visionary organisation of choice for the region.

Working closely with the key stakeholders and governance, Tribal explored their brand journey to date while taking into account the existing visual identity. It was decided that an evolution of the existing logo would be the best solution, by respecting the past but honouring the future a new identity was crafted.

Conceptual the existing logo offered a strong platform to build from. The symbolism of the local lighthouse played directly to the focus of empowering people and transforming lives.

A strong colours palette supported this with ocean colours blending beautifully into a bright sky. Leveraging these colours services were categorised and collateral developed that catches the eye and delivers the info in simple terms.

Continuing from this powerful platform a series of Sub Services have been developed and branded, ranging from Whanau Against Meth or WAM, a local initiative, E Tu Wairoa and Whãngaia Ngã Pã Hakakeke, Ki Te Wairoa.

This project holds a special place in our heart, as it resonates with the concept of serving for a greater purpose.