Biopolymer Network | Rotorua

Focused on a sustainable world with a vision for the role biopolymer’s can play in a safer, bio-friendly environment BPN needs to take its story, messages and products to the world.

Established to research, develop, and commercialise biotechnology as part of New Zealand’s international IP initiative BPN need a brand, story and identity that positioned them at the top of their game.

Having already worked with BPN on their Zealafoam brand and product offering, Tribal created a modern, contemporary identity that spoke to the scientist as well as the businessman.

Symbolic of the molecules found in the starches used, the logo and its colours depict the earth they come from, the plant matter from which they are made the environment that they can be returned too once their function is complete.

This project included research, strategy, content creation, business collateral, promotional brochures and sales material, product branding and packaging, websites and trade displays.